Bistro Gentil, Wanaka

Bistro Gentil's main entrance as seen from the parking lotPicture of an indoor/outdoor courtyard in the day timeBisto Gentil's front lawn statues in the eveningBistro Gentil's indoor outdoor courtyard in the eveningA picture of a resturant's dinning areaView of BIsto Gentil from the front lawnBisto Gentil's self service wine machineEnclosed courtyard opened up in the day timeA resturant's tables and chairs ready for serviceA picture of the Bistro Gentil dinning areaThe dinning area at Bistro GentilBeanbags and Chinese statues in front of the Bistro Gentil resturantBistro Gentil's indoor outdoor courtyard open in the dayIndoor/outdoor courtyard set and ready for serviceBisto Gentil's dinning areaA view of a sculpture and and indoor/outdoor courtyardA view of Golf Course RD and Lake Wanaka from enclosed courtyardThe Bisto Gentil bathroom's basin and mirrorA view of Bistro Gentil from Golf Course RdAn enclosed courtyard with full moon in background

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