Opal House

In the picturesque Wānaka hills of Central Otago, a rare gem stands out amidst the traditional schist and gabled homes—a modern home in a cubist style designed by Steve Humpherson and the Sorted Architecture team. With oversized windows and deep black frames against crisp white walls, this home exudes a timeless elegance with a nod to the monochromatic styles of the 1960s.

Offset levels create a sense of suspended luxury over the swimming pool, while strategic lighting transforms the pool into a cozy focal point from the balcony above. The choice of materials, including white plaster, Timaru bluestone, timber floors, and cedar detail, adds to the home’s refined aesthetic, seamlessly blending indoors and outdoors.

The initial brief called for a single-level dwelling with a pool and a covered outdoor entertainment area, catering to a multigenerational family. Nestled on a hillside, maximizing views while ensuring privacy was paramount. Through strategic orientation and thoughtful design, the living areas welcome the morning sun while preserving intimacy throughout the home.

Utilizing the available height, internal ceilings soar to three meters in the living space, maximizing the panoramic vista. A wide internal hallway leads to an expansive internal courtyard, unveiling uninterrupted views from the living room. The kitchen and scullery workspace offer a cozy window seat with exceptional vistas.

The dining and living rooms open onto a balcony overlooking the pool, ideal for enjoying the morning sun. The master bedroom, ensuite, and bunkroom for grandchildren open onto a private deck space, providing ample opportunities for family gatherings, enjoyment and relaxation. 

Looking at the front of house from road
Looking over pool into living area and master suite at dusk
Drone view of front of house at dusk with the lights turned on
Front view of pool and looking through to master suite
Looking from kitchen down through dining and living areas
Looking down the bluestone clad hall to outside,
Kitchen with island bench
Bluestone wall extending down hall, engineered oak overlay, cocktail cabinet.
Outdoor living room and master suite
Lounge seating in internal courtyard
Pool area in front of master suite
Side view of bedrooms with cedar cladding and deck
Steve and Mike standing on a balcony overlooking Lake Wanaka

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